What's a Meat Collective?

A Meat Collective inspires responsible meat production and consumption through hands-on, transparent, experiential education. The Portland Meat Collective is the first of its kind in the country. Our classes are taught by seasoned butchers and chefs. We source our animals from local farms we can trust. And our students, though diverse, have one thing in common. They come to learn.

Announcement: December 2, 2021

After a decade of holding classes, we're moving on. Or, maybe it's more like moving over. We have decided to close the PMC by Dec 31, 2021.  To read more about this decision please go ​here

If you have a gift certificate that you weren't able to redeem, we are able to refund the total amount of your gift certificate minus the payment processing fees we paid for that transaction. We are able to offer this until December 31, 2021, when we will close our bank accounts for good. We can issue the refund through our various payment processing platforms to the person who actually purchased the gift certificate for you (much easier for us), or we can issue a check to you, or send payment to you through Paypal. Or you can choose to have us donate the value of your gift certificate to the ​Good Meat ProjectIf you would like a refund, ​please fill out our refund form. We will respond to you with any questions we have and/or to confirm your refund. If you have any questions please email them to info@pdxmeat.com. 

We are a one-of-a-kind meat school and community resource in Portland, Oregon that offers hands-on classes in slaughter, butchery, meat cookery, and charcuterie. For each PMC class, local farmers sell whole animals to students, who in turn learn from seasoned butchers and chefs how to transform the animals into everything from pork chops to bacon. Students go home with a lot of good meat and increasingly rare knowledge. Chefs and butchers share their art. And farmers are able to sell directly to consumers who appreciate their sustainable farming practices. The result? A growing community of informed omnivores who support responsible meat production and consumption in America.


In 2009, Camas Davis, a magazine editor and food writer, traveled to France to study whole-animal butchery and charcuterie with Kate Hill and the Chapolards, a family of farmers and butchers who owned and operated every part of getting pork to people's tables, from growing the grain to feed their pigs to doing all the butchery and charcuterie themselves. The Chapolards were able to sell every part of their animals as food to their customers at outdoor markets each week. Their customers ate meat economically, often as an accent to a meal, and with a reverence and respect that Camas had not experienced in the States. 

Upon her return home to Portland, Oregon, she founded the Portland Meat Collective to bring the same transparent, hands-on experiences she encountered in France to her community. Her hope was that by bringing more people into the process by which good, clean, fair meat gets to our tables she could create a more informed consumer base that would support sustainable farms, humane meat production and processing, and a shift toward responsible whole-animal eating and thinking. 

In 2014 Camas launched the Good Meat Project, a nonprofit whose mission is to inspire responsible meat consumption and production through experiential education not just in Portland, but across the country. With the help of the GMP, Camas is spreading the Meat Collective model to communities as close as Seattle and as far away as Chicago, IL and Austin, TX. We’re now a movement!


​Keep Meat Real. It’s our motto because it’s our philosophy. We believe that everyone is entitled to an understanding of the myriad, often confusing ways that food gets to our tables. The more we become skilled participants in this process, the more control we have over the system that feeds us—and the more we can change that system for the better. A shared education in humane slaughter and whole-animal butchery, cookery, and charcuterie provides an effective path to rethinking our food system. We source good, clean, fair, humane meat from local farms for all of our classes and are dedicated to teaching people how to use the entire animal for food. Eat better meat and less of it—that’s our motto too.

Our Partners

Over the years, we have been lucky to have found individuals and businesses who are excited to let us host our classes in their kitchen or event space. In 2017, our founder, Camas Davis, partnered with The Nightwood Society, a collaboration of women farmers, chefs, butchers and creatives who have banded together to produce extraordinary experiences around food and wine. The Nightwood is a private event space, a creative incubator, and it is also home to a rotating series of classes, including Portland Meat Collective workshops. We are grateful to have joined this tribe of talented women and even more excited to be able to hold our classes in the Nightwood space.  

Also, check out the ​Good Meat Project! In 2014, PMC's founder Camas Davis launched the Good Meat Project to spread the Meat Collective education model across the country. Today, the Good Meat Project seeks to inspire responsible meat production and consumption through experiential education that is targeted to eaters, feeders, and seeders.  Find out more about the Good Meat Project's programs here

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