COVID-19 UPDATE: CANCELLING March 28, 29 and April 4 classes/

March 16, 2020

​It is with heavy hearts that we have decided to cancel our next three PMC classes, due to the COVID-19 situation. This means that our March 28, March 29, and April 4 classes are cancelled. Now, more than ever, we need a resilient, strong food system and we need more people in our community who have the skills and knowledge they need to keep healthy, responsibly raised food in our communities. However, we just don't feel comfortable gathering this many people at one time, and want to do our part to flatten the curve. We will continue to monitor the situation and will make a call on our April 12 and 19 classes by April 1 at the latest. 

We have already contacted all students in our cancelled classes, but just in case: For those of you who applied a gift certificate or class credit to a class, you will still be able to apply it to a different class.  Just choose "class credit" or "gift certificate" as your payment option when signing up for another class.  For the rest of you who paid full price,  we will go ahead and issue you a full refund this week. 

Again, we are keeping our last two April classes on the schedule for now, and will make a call on whether to hold those classes in the days and weeks to come, as we have a better sense for what our immediate future holds for all of us. While we would like to schedule more classes to make up for cancellations, we are going to wait a bit to do so, so we can see how this all plays out. You should all feel free to sign up for the April classes that remain on the schedule, although, again, we can't guarantee that we won't have to cancel those as well.

In the meantime, we noticed there is a run on meat in the grocery stores. If you are looking forward to filling your freezers and fridges with local, humane, responsibly-raised meat, we have some great resources for you:

1) Revel Meats, the slaughterhouse and processor we work with, is happy to cut and wrap whole or half hogs for you. You can email them at They work with Reiben farms as well as other local, responsible farmers. Reiben is the farm we were going to get our pigs from for our pig butchery class. This can be an affordable way to buy meat and a great way to ensure your protein status during these uncertain times. You'll even get the bones to make stock out of.  We are happy to provide recipes if you go this route. 

2) Revel Meats and its community of local, responsible farmers also distributes through Milk Run, a great local food delivery service that only sources food produced locally and delivers it directly to your door. They deliver Revel/Reiben pork as well as chicken, beef, lamb from local, responsible producers.  

3) Revel Meats also sells local, responsible meat through Providore.  

4) You should also check out our Meat Collectives Switchboard, where other local, responsible farms advertise their meat products, meat shares, meat CSAs and more.  Many of the farmers we work with are on there. You can also see what farmers we work with on our Farms page. All of them are set up and ready to sell well-raised, humane, responsible, and delicious meat to you! Please continue to support our community of farmers and ranchers!

5) Our local restaurants are struggling during all of these shutdowns. Consider spending some of the money you spent on our classes by buying food, take-out, or a gift card at the restaurants where our instructors and class assistants normally work: RenataNostrana, and Mae.

6) Lastly, our sister organization, the Good Meat Project, a 501c3 nonprofit, is coordinating efforts across the country with other Meat Collectives (yes there are more across the country!) to create opportunities for all of you to support good meat producers in your regions. Consider donating to the Good Meat Project, to support their efforts and their mission to build pathways to responsible meat production and consumption. 

Thanks for your understanding. Don't hesitate to reach out with questions or concerns.  

Stay safe and healthy,

Camas Davis, PMC Founder

  • March 16, 2020

    COVID-19 UPDATE: CANCELLING March 28, 29 and April 4 classes/

    ​In response to the ongoing and escalating COVID-19 situation, we are cancelling our March 28, March 29, and April 4 classes. 

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