Looking to Find, Buy, and Cook Good Meat? The Good Meat Breakdown Can Help.

December 31, 2020

The pandemic has forced many of us to rethink the ways we're feeding ourselves today and to wonder how we'll feed ourselves tomorrow. We’re asking questions about food security, health, transparency, resilience, social justice, safety, equity, and community with new urgency. As we continue to look for answers, there's one thing we know for sure: the food systems we want for our future address these questions in ways that support healthy communities, promote economically viable livelihoods, and encourage shared values between the people who produce our food and the people who eat it. 

To address these questions, our sister organization, the Good Meat Project, recently launched a new online initiative to help consumers navigate the often bewildering Good Meat landscape: the Good Meat Breakdown. Like us, the collaborative group behind the Good Meat Breakdown defines Good Meat as a constellation of practices that can and should bring value to land, animals, and people. For those of us who choose to eat meat, one of the first steps toward that vision is practical knowledge—where to find farmers stewarding land and animals with care, how to buy Good Meat, and how to cook it in ways that nourish our families and our communities. The Good Meat Breakdown is here to help you get all of that in tune. This site will demystify the vast and sometimes confusing Good Meat universe and break down how you can find, buy, and cook Good Meat. Along the way, the Good Meat Breakdown shares resources, elevates new voices, and highlights diverse perspectives that, we hope, will inspire each of you to find your own groove in the Good Meat universe. 

How does the Good Meat Breakdown define Good Meat? Accordingto the Good Meat Breakdown: "Good Meat is a component of a larger vision for our future—one that is equitable and ecologically sound—as much as it is a tangible thing. At the Good Meat Breakdown, we believe Good Meat comes from a variety of production systems that give value back to the land, animals, and people. We believe Good Meat necessitates transparency from start to finish. And we believe Good Meat nourishes community and brings joy to the table. We have a broad vision of Good Meat because food is intensely personal, cultural, and contextual. We see Good Meat as a constellation of choices, methods, systems, and behaviors, and we want to see as many people as possible, from ranchers to chefs to consumers, included and represented." 

Consumer choices alone are not going to change our food system. This kind of change takes many different efforts, by many different people. This is why the people behind the Good Meat Breakdown take an honest, realistic approach, providing you with an honest picture of what buying Good Meat looks like today, while working towards how we want it to look in the near future. The Good Meat Breakdown is a practical guide. It is also a starting point for engagement, thought, and dialogue. If you are a consumer looking to find, buy, and cook Good Meat, check it out. If you are a producer who raises Good Meat, this website was built to support you in your marketing, outreach, and education efforts.  

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  • December 31, 2020

    Looking to Find, Buy, and Cook Good Meat? The Good Meat Breakdown Can Help.

    The Good Meat Breakdown is a jumping off point for you to deepen your relationship with the meat you eat, the farmers you buy from, and the land we all depend on. 

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